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We are makers who
build exceptional sites
for premium digital agencies
and marketing teams

What we do

  • Website Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Secured Hosting & Maintenance
  • WooCommerce & Shopify
  • Branding

World Citizens,
Ukraine based

Located in the heart of Ukraine, Kyiv, we are solution providers for our international clients. We plan, design and develop innovative websites using a web content management system – WordPress.

Our focus is on robust content management, site performance and stability, we build websites to support Digital Agencies and marketing teams of medium-sized businesses.

Whether you’re looking for help with some content edits or developing the huge Website from scratch, we’ll allocate our team and deliver the great services for you.

Altum is an extension of your team


If your team is too loaded, you need to extend their expertis or you want us to regularly execute your Website development projects, you can count on us to be there. We’re the consistent partner you need and can depend on.

Experts & Specialists

The process of hiring experts internally or as freelancers might be tough. Working with ALTUM allows you to bring in the best people to work on your project without the recruitment and hiring processes or non-viable long-term commitments.

Build around your needs

With a focus on code quality and extensibility, we develop WordPress Websites around your business requirements. You’ll get a customized easy-to-edit solution that gives you the performance and flexibility that you need.

About Us

Local Team Global Strategy

We work with businesses—as collaborators and partners.
To Convert design to WordPress & mobile responsiveness.
To Differentiate your business with a custom, interactive web design.

Our goal is for both you and your end users to have a seamless, straightforward and enjoyable experience with your website.


Kyle Watson
Director Of Marketing & Business Development, Entrinsik @kyle-watson

“Their project management is exceptional; we’ve never had a problem with them going over budget or being delayed with anything. They were also able to adapt to our tools, making our process very effective. They’re easy to work with, and that’s outstanding — this is how development should be.”

Natalie Koller
Senior Account Director, Branding Agency @natalie-koller

“Altum Agency delivers perfectly functioning and very stable websites. Furthermore Altum Agency does everything to stick to timelines, no matter how tight they are. They make it possible with a very talented and big team and are willing to bend over backwards (work late nights, weekends) to make it work. I highly value their can-do attitude, skills, friendliness, discretion, and on-time deliveries of top projects. Overall we are 100% happy with them. And the more we work together, the better we get to know each other, which makes working together even more successful.”

Dominik Gasser
Founder & Creative Director, Reach Partners AG @dominik-gasser-25298b6b

“Altum Agency reached out to us, it was a good match from the very first moment. They’re extremely responsive and super flexible. They deliver the best quality in no time.”

Jared Miller
CEO, that funny agency @jaredmiller27

“We asked for a tech lead to come in to really help manage our team’s needs for wordpress. As a player/coach the candidate presented to us is now an integral part of our team’s success utilizing the best strategies for better WP development. All of our WordPress developers are learning so much from Altum Agency’s training.”

Nigel Wilkinson
Director, Digital Marketing Agency @nigelwilkinson

“We looked at a number of options, including off the shelf plugins, however Altum offered the best 7 most cost effective solution. The team had good suggestions, they responded to ideas and kept us informed of their progress.”

Michel Baltus
Business Developer, Leadup DXP @michelbaltus

“They react rapidly to all our demands and give us all the information we need. The project manager is easy to contact and the workflow is going well.”

Marco Tagliabue
Director & Project Manager, Grafpoint SA @tagliamarco85

“We worked together for getting the best result and they even included a few additional features to make the project better. They perfectly met the deadline they set at the start of the project. I am truly impressed by their complete availability and problem-solving skills”