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Hey, we're Altum.

We're an outsourcing and solution-oriented agency based in Ukraine, Kyiv. Strategy, design, and development across all platforms.

About us

Our long-avowed goal is to be the Development team of choice for high-growth Digital agencies and Marketing teams.

We prove this by leading the design and development process for our partners. It’s about more than just specialization, we bring excitement, curiosity and experience to every project.


  • Discovery Workshop
  • Product Audits
  • Ideation/Concepting


  • Discovery Workshop
  • Product Audits
  • Ideation/Concepting


  • Discovery Workshop
  • Product Audits
  • Ideation/Concepting
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
desired to create websites

Our journey started at 2015. We’ve desired to create websites that tell brand’s story. We teamed up with marketing departments of medium-sized companies, digital agencies and startups to deliver award‑winning websites.

Building long lasting relationships

We know how important it is to have a partner you can rely on.

Your great ideas deserve excellent implementation. Our team will work collaboratively across the whole project to impact your business.

We stay innovative

State-of-the-art technologies to keep being highly efficient team.

Improving our internal working process and innovative solutions in various dimensions in collaboration with specialists from all areas of communication, creation and production

Do you typically sign NDA with your clients as the White Label development provider?

Yes, we do! As a white-label services provider, we stick to a set of rules to ensure that your confidential information is protected. We have our own NDA template we can send to you, or alternatively, we can sign yours.

Do you work for clients abroad? If yes, how?

We work with clients all over the world. Distance is not a challenge for today’s virtual possibilities. The Altum team is happy to hop on conference calls with clients and do video chats so that we can explain everything in the best way. We use the latest technologies to bring you the whole process of project implementation straight to your monitor. We are as effective and responsive as your local team and we would like to show you how even better we are!

What does the cooperation with you look like?

We start off with a discovery call, during which we find out your short & long-term goals, your needs, and your likes to understand how to organize the development process. After this call, we schedule a kick-off meeting, where you meet your Project Manager, Team Lead, and Developer. We talk through the scope of work, goals, and have an in-depth design/development discussion. Further, we form a customized offer that contains a detailed timeline, fixed-price quote, payment terms, and contract details. As your input and feedback are crucial to the process we schedule weekly meetings with our Team Lead and a Project Manager, collect all resources we need to implement the project, get access, and so on. After all preparations are done we begin with the design & development phase.

I have an in-house design or technology team. How does Altum work with them?

The main point is that Altum is an extension of your team. We find out the ways of adapting to your workflow, management system, ways of communication, timelines, and so on. We never work as individual members, but as a part of an integral system.

Will I have a main point of contact for my project?

Every client has an assigned Project Manager who they are in touch with and who manages the workflow of each client's project or task. Your Manager will always be happy to answer any questions you may have and make sure the timeline, next steps, and more are clear for you.

What is your typical project length?

Before starting each project we set up a timeline with a specific delivery date which the Project Manager will achieve. But this date depends on the project complexity. We shoot for a three to six weeks turnaround, depending on how much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability with the feedback, and the overall complexity of the build.

What are your price ranges and how do you charge?

Having an hourly rate, we manage to always give you a fixed-price quote. Meaning, we estimate the scope of work, determine the hours it takes us to implement everything, and multiply it by the hourly rate. For example, the project takes us 100 hours to develop. 1 hour costs $35, then the project will cost $3500 ($35*100 hours = $3500 fixed price).

What technologies do you work with?

HTML5 • CSS3 • SCSS/SASS • FlexBox • Javascript ES6, jQuery, Ajax • PHP • Web animation. • Google API`s WP only: • WordPress, WooCommerce • WP Theme Development from scratch. • Elementor, Divi, WpBakery, Visual Composer builders. Shopify only: • Liquid template language. (Ruby based)

Do you build eCommerce websites?

Of course! We have experienced developers who build e-Commerce websites and can turn a small landing into an e-Commerce store.

Will you prepare explanatory videos?

We’ll record training videos with an explanation of how to use the CMS and make updates on the backend of your actual website. Ultimately, we are only a message away! We won’t disappear once the site is launched and will help you as much as you need.

Can you add functionality/change content or improve the existing website?

We are open to any size of the project as our main goal is to help you have a better website. That's why we can work on small tasks like fixing a bug, changing content or making the website faster.